Metal Adjustable Raised Loft Floor Solution

Built to last a life time - 10 Year Guarantee - British Made

UK Loft Boarding Ltd are the only LOFT-E approved company in the North of England and install to the manufacturers specifications to allow your loft to be boarded for storage and still retain (if not, improve) your homes energy efficient.

At UK Loft Boarding Ltd we specialise in installing top quality strong British designed & made raised loft storage flooring systems.

The LOFT-E™ legs enables compliance with building regulations Part L for energy & fuel conservation and allows you to have installed a raised loft storage floor that is supported by the adjustable raised loft supports up to 285mm above your ceiling.
The UK government recommend that all homes should have at least 270mm of loft insulation sot his is far more than enough to allow your existing loft insulation height to remain, breathe and not be squashed or removed.

This unique loft leg system constructed of 100% recyclable steel will allow you to use your loft as an extra clean safe to use storage area and will not compromise your NHBC warranty / insurance.

This system was designed and built to last a life time and can very easily be removed and refit if you want to take it with you if you move house.

The LOFT-E™ is manufactured in the UK to a high standard using top quality materials and is low cost and quick to have installed by our own factory approved fitters.

We send out our qualified loft storage surveyors to come and measure up and give you a quote on everything you need to make your loft into a useful safe strong storage area.

Why not include a retractable stowaway loft ladder or improve on your homes energy efficiency by replacing your old drafty loft hatch with a building regulations spec energy saving version, just like they fit in the brand new houses today. Why not get lots of light in your loft to see all your things when you want to have a rummage through. We do energy saving loft light bulbs or 1.2m (4ft) LED tubes as standard

Avoid condensation build up and mould growth in your loft

Using this system it will allow you to have built a very strong raised loft floor above the insulation level, which is safe to walk on and safe to store on. Remember by using this system you are protecting the 270mm loft insulation layers and allowing it to do its job by saving energy and cutting fuel bills as intended.

Other cheaper methods don't allow any airflow, which means in order to board the loft for storage they have to remove the insulation or as we have seen many times before, some companies will just board on top of the insulation, squashing it and suffocating it so air cannot flow around and under your loft boards.

Avoid condensation build up and mould growth in your loft

You may have been told this by your builder or developer that they don't advise you board your loft for storage. What it really means is they don't recommend the old way of boarding your loft for storage as this involved removing or worst still, squashing the loft insulation so that it become useless.

Because these raised loft floor products are relatively new (4 or 5 years old) to the industry and new ideas and methods take time to circulate and educate everyone. If you show our system to your builder/developer I am sure they will agree its a great way if you are going to board your loft for extra storage.
Eventually raised loft storage products will become the norm, if not fitted as standard to all new builds in the future.

This will result in a huge problem with condensation build up under the boards and contribute to black mould growth. Once this black mould gets in your insulation it will have to be removed as it will be contaminated. Continued mould growth under none raised loft boarding will eventually affect the plasterboard and you will see black mould patches appearing on your ceiling. This is a simple low cost very effective way so you can utilise your loft space as a storage area

But for now, at least you know what you are getting is future proofing your loft as well as ZERO compromise to your existing loft insulation level or energy efficiency level of your new home.

So who can install this in my loft ?

All you have to do is call our office on 0800 8799967 to arrange a FREE no obligation survey to determine your exact requirements and provide you with an immediate fixed price quote. If you are satisfied with the price and requirements we can arrange for one of our certified and approved LOFT-E™ installer to come and install your raised loft floor system and boarding along with your other requirements e.g. ladder, hatch, light, top-up insulation, safety rails etc.

You get a 10 year guarantee on everything we install along with our commercial PLI insurance so you have complete peace of mind your are dealing with a professional top quality company. Any size of loft can be done as this system is modular so we put it all together on site to fit your loft space. In most cases, depending on how much boarding you require, it can take just 1 day to install and with minimal disruption to your home.

If you require a quote for a LOFT-E™ adjustable raised loft floor storage floor system simply call us on our UK enquiries number or e-mail us by clicking below