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Benefits to boarding your loft space?

Add Storage Space

Loft boarding creates additional storage space in your home, allowing you to free up valuable living space by storing items in the loft. This can be especially useful if you have a small home or limited storage options.

Add Value to Your Home

Loft boarding can add value to your home. Many home buyers view loft space as an attractive feature, and having a boarded loft can make your home more appealing and valuable.

Save on Energy Bills

Loft boarding can improve your home’s energy efficiency by providing a layer of insulation between the floor of the loft and the ceiling below. This can help to prevent heat loss through the loft and reduce your energy bills.

All of your loft storage needs in one place

loft boarding

Loft Boarding

We raise our boarding above the insulation to ensure the correct amount of airflow in your loft and prevent condensation.

loft ladders

Loft Ladders

We have a wide range of ladders to suit various loft spaces to ensure maximum safety when entering and exiting a loft space!

loft hatches

Loft Hatches

Dedicated to enhancing both safety and energy efficiency in home. Explore our range of energy-efficient hatches.

loft lighting

Loft Lighting

A loft space can be very dark, we can install a simple LED light bulb with a pull switch so that you are able to turn it on as soon as you get into the loft.

loft insulation

Loft Insulation

It’s vital that you have the correct amount of insulation in your home in order to keep your house warm in the colder months and cool during the hotter months!

additional extras

Additional Extras

We have a range of additional extras such as roof liner, Handrails and truss shelving to compliment your loft storage packages.

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Raise your loft floor 165mm to 285mm above the insulation


All new build houses today have lofts that must conform to building regulations and government recommended loft insulation heights.

The LOFT-E® adjustable loft floor support has been designed to solve two problems when planning on boarding your loft for storage.

Firstly, boarding directly on top of your loft insulation is incorrect. Squashing or having to remove the existing loft insulation should never be done.
Building above the insulation is now possible by using a product that is designed to last a lifetime. The LOFT-E® adjustable raised loft floor leg can not only raise the loft floor platform above the insulation level, but it can also account for variations in joist height.

Secondly, a problem that plastic products face in a loft are the consistent temperature changes, plastic softens during the heat of summer and therefore has the potential for the legs to buckle and the storage floor to collapse. This can also happen in the cold of winter with the legs getting so cold that they can become very brittle and can have a tendency to fracture, again leaving you with the same problem. Hence why we chose 100% recyclable steel.