Use your loft for storage in Carbrooke

UK Loft Boarding is a genuine, award-winning, professional loft storage company established in 2010.
Setting high standards within the industry; a company who will only use quality materials without compromising safety



Carbrooke Loft Boarding is a division of UK Loft Boarding.
UK Loft Boarding was created from a general property maintenance company in 2010. Run by husband and wife team, Andy & Andrea Greenhalgh. we spotted a gap in the market for a quality loft storage specialist. So, in 2010 with a van and a bag of tools, the company was established as a loft boarding specialist. (In 2016 we formed a limited company known as UK Loft Boarding Ltd, to group all the area branches we have in the UK so we are all under one umbrella. we now operate their business from an head office and a warehouse in Accrington, Lancashire. we specialise in providing top quality loft storage solutions all over the North or England, and in 2020 we have huge plans to expand through the rest of the UK. Starting with just the two of them, we now boast a strong team of 30+ professionals, three branches and of course, 3 dogs. Everyone at UK Loft Boarding are fully trained and experienced in loft storage solutions and are always ready to help you create a safe strong top-quality storage area in your loft. UK Loft Boarding is also dedicated to creating energy efficient loft storage solutions. We also install the most energy efficient loft hatches, combined with top quality loft access ladders.




Our unique loft leg system, constructed of 100% recyclable steel, will allow you to use your loft as an extra storage space without compromising for weight.

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We do various standard stowaway, aluminium loft ladders for various ceiling heights. As well as wooden Loft Hatches and ladders.

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If you are going to spend money trying to make your home more energy efficient, then don't neglect the most important part, which is your loft access. So much heat is lost through this area, you would be quite shocked.

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Most people know it is important to insulate your loft because if you don't, 25% of your heating bills go out through your roof.

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If you have a small loft space or want to make use of the spaces in your trusses, we can install truss shelving to provide you with even more storage space in your loft.

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We install as standard LED energy saving bulbs and conveniently located light switch. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a 4ft (1.2m) LED tube light to give more light to those darker areas.

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Specialised Products

Raised Supports

Strong Steel

Loft-E™ is made from Steel. which makes it the strongest loft leg out of all of the alternatives which are usually plastic. Plastic legs are often affected by heat and can warp over time.


Our Specialised Loft Support leg is height adjustable up to 285mm ideal for lofts with thick layers of insulation


Loft-e™ can be scaled to any size to cover all zones of your loft. It is even suitable for areas where the boarded area is not a regular shape. such as L shapes or going around objects.


Loft-E™ is made from steel. and is 100% recyclable. It can also be refitted anywhere if the flooring needs to be removed and placed elsewhere.