UK Loft Boarding Crewe
The Only LOFT-E® Approved Installer In Crewe

We are the longest established loft boarding company in the UK having started our business in 2010. We specialise in loft storage solutions using raised, approved boarding methods to create, safe usable storage space.

We are the only company in the UK that supplies and fits LOFT-E® the adjustable loft leg! LOFT-E® isn't made of plastic like others, they're made of 100% recyclable steel ♻ Alongside being the strongest raised loft storage system on the market, unlike other systems LOFT-E® is easily adjustable depending on uneven roof joists and is built to last a lifetime! Don't be tempted by cheaper, flimsy alternatives.

Additionally, our approved boarding methods, we also offer a variety of other loft related services. These include loft ladder and hatches to allow for greater access when entering and exiting your loft space.

We do also have package deals that include, boarding, ladder and light. You can find pricing for these by clicking here.


Raise your loft floor 165mm to 285mm above the insulation

All new build houses today have lofts that must conform to building regulations and government recommended loft insulation heights.

The LOFT-E® adjustable loft floor support has been designed to solve two problems when planning on boarding your loft for storage.

Firstly, boarding directly on top of your loft insulation is incorrect. Squashing or having to remove the existing loft insulation should never be done.
Building above the insulation is now possible by using a product that is designed to last a lifetime. The LOFT-E® adjustable raised loft floor leg can not only raise the loft floor platform above the insulation level, but it can also account for variations in joist height.

Secondly, a problem that plastic products face in a loft are the consistent temperature changes, plastic softens during the heat of summer and therefore has the potential for the legs to buckle and the storage floor to collapse. This can also happen in the cold of winter with the legs getting so cold that they can become very brittle and can have a tendency to fracture, again leaving you with the same problem. Hence why we chose 100% recyclable steel.