The LoftZone Raised Loft Storage System

LoftZone StoreFloor

UK Loft Boarding Ltd are a LoftZone approved company in the Northwest of England and install to the manufacturers specifications to allow your loft to keep its insulation level high and for your home to remain energy efficient.

At UK Loft Boarding Ltd we specialise in installing only raised loft boarding floors to allow your loft to continue to breathe and insulate without any loss of heat caused by old methods of removing or squashing the loft insualtion.

How can I use my insulated loft for storage?

The cheapest and simplest solution to the very common problem of storing items in a fully-insulated loft is to install a raised floor above the insulation.

The LoftZone raised floor system protects the insulation underneath it and allows for very important airflow to reduce the risk of damp and mould forming, and provides a strong floor for safe access or storage, you can walk on it and store on it.

In most cases it can be installed in just a day with minimal disruption to your home by our very own qualified and factory approved LoftZone installers.

Build above the insulation  
Avoid compressing or removing insulation  
No need to squash the insulations to install this system

What Area Can I Board for Storage?

Normally we only board areas which are accessible by standing or kneeling but not lying down. Keeping your storage area central, and at the highest point will be most practical

There is no point going to the unnecessary expense of boarding your eaves as they are to low and not really that accessible, plus you need to keep these areas clear so as to allow airflow around your loft, this is very important

New build properties are completely different to older purlin style roofs house such as Pre-war terraced and detached. For older houses a timber self-supporting sub-frame (known as LBNW) are required in these houses to add support and strength so as not to rely upon the existing ceiling joists so a much safe stronger area can be gained. LBNW Raised Timber System

Safe access to your loft storage space is very important

So how can I get this installed in my loft?

All you have to do is call our office for FREE on 0800 8799967 to arrange a FREE no obligation survey to determine your exact requirements and provide you with an immediate fixed price quote. If a LoftZone storefloor system does not suit your loft type we have other methods that do exactly the same job and probably more suited to older loft spaces with extra stronger support and still raised above the insulation levels. If you are satisfied with the price and requirements we can arrange for a factory trained and approved installer to come and install your raised loft floor system and boarding along with your other requirements e.g. ladder, hatch, light, top-up insulation, safety rails etc.

You get a 10 year guarantee on everything we install along with our commercial PLI insurance so you have complete peace of mind your are dealing with a professional top quality company. Any size of loft can be done as this system is modular so we put it all together on site to fit your loft space. In most case, depending on how much boarding you require, it can take just 1 day to install and with minimal disruption to your home.

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