Loft Boarding
We convert dreary, unloved loft spaces into useful, easy to access, approved loft storage areas.

Why should you board your loft?

There are numerous benefits to boarding your loft, the main benefit would be to utilise what could be the largest space in your home into an easy to access storage space for items that aren't used all year round. We add ease of access with our selection of ladders, taking away the fear of entering and exiting your loft!

Loft Boarding for New Builds
LOFT-E® Perfect for New Builds
Loft Boarding for Older Properties
We cater towards older houses with our LBNW Timber system
Check out our range of hatch and ladders
Add ease of access with our hatch and ladder selection

How your loft should be boarded (the correct way)

Fitting boards directly onto your joists will squash your insulation and restrict airflow in your loft. Not only is this against building regulations but it can also cause damp and mould to form in your loft from restricting the airflow.

Therefore it is imperative to create a raised platform above the insulation to allow the correct amount of airflow around your loft. We do this using our approved methods of boarding and cater towards new builds and older properties!

All of our methods of boarding will not void any warranties such as the NHBC guarantee for new build homes allowing your the much needed storage space that you require.

Your loft storage space will be very strong because we use purpose-made 18mm thick, tongue and groove particle board, which is made from various recyclable particle materials held together with super strong glue, this gives a strong secure fit. It's safe to walk on and store on, distributing weight evenly over the sub-frame (the framework we build underneath the boards) surface allows really safe strong storage.

If you'd like to check out some more information about some of the frequently asked questions about loft boarding reasoning behind it being completed correctly, you can take a look by clicking here.