Loft Hatches
Create a safe entrance to your loft with our range of hatches

Why is important to improve your loft hatch?

We specialize in creating safe access to your loft with our range of energy efficient hatches that will not only improve the safety but also your homes energy efficiency. Emphasise is normally placed upon loft insulation however lots of heat can be lost through a poorly insulated loft hatch therefore creating condensation due to the extreme temperature changes in lofts.

We only install energy efficient loft hatches that conform to building regulations & British standards so as to help increase your home energy efficiency. We can install long timber hatches with timber ladders or the new build plastic type, either method is ideal for modern and older lofts spaces.

Wooden Hatch & Ladders

The wooden hatch and ladder is perfect for those looking to access their loft safely and securely, this factory made unit will hold the ladder on the back of the door for space saving, and can be designed and build to reach up to 3.2 metres.

PVC Hatches

PVC hatches are typically installed in most brand new build homes and are also a great energy efficient hatch.

They are a great upgrade and can be integrated with either our aluminium or telescopic ladder option click here to find out more.

Automatic Hatches & More
Add ease of access with our hatch and ladder selection

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