Insulation is key to a warm and efficient home

Why is it important to have the correct levels of loft Insulation

It is important to have the correct levels of loft insulation for several reasons. Firstly, loft insulation helps to reduce heat loss from your home, keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer. This can significantly reduce your energy bills, as you will need less heating and cooling to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Secondly, loft insulation can help to reduce your carbon footprint by lowering your energy consumption, which is better for the environment.

Thirdly, proper loft insulation can prevent moisture build-up in your home, which can lead to mold and damp issues. Overall, having the correct levels of loft insulation is essential for maintaining a comfortable, energy-efficient, and healthy home.

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Loft installation

Loft installation

Heat Loss Through Your Roof

A significant amount of heat can be lost through a roof if it is not properly insulated. Heat naturally flows from warmer to cooler areas, so if the air inside a building is warmer than the air outside, the heat will escape through any openings or poorly insulated areas, including the roof.

Proper insulation can help prevent heat loss through the roof and improve energy efficiency.

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UK Loft Boarding provide loft insulation services using various methods, including loft roll insulation. Our insulation services are designed to help homeowners save money on their energy bills while improving the overall comfort of their homes. We understand that the cost of loft insulation can be a concern for many homeowners, which is why we offer competitive prices and free, no-obligation quotes.

As one of the leading loft insulation companies in the UK, we use high-quality materials to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Our team of professionals has the expertise to assess your loft space and recommend the best insulation solution to meet your needs.

1. Move Insulation and create Raised Platform

Loft installation

First we will move your current insulation out of the way if it is already in place before we start installing our loft boarding methods.

2. Roll insulation back into place

Loft installation

Secondly, we will install our raised boarding methods, in this case LOFT-E® and begin to create the raised platform.

3. Install Loft Boards Above Insulation

Loft installation

Finally, we will roll the insulation back into place or top-up the insulation and then install the boards above the insulation to allow the correct amount of airflow.

Do you have enough insulation?

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